Mitochondria are the organelles that control cell life and death. Our cells use “intracellular organelles,” which are membrane-encased structures with distinct functions, to carry out various biological reactions at the appropriate place and at the right time 다운로드.
Mitochondria are organelles that use oxygen to provide the energy that cells require, but they also play significant roles in fatty acid metabolism, heme protein production, and even cell death (apoptosis) 호텔 르완다 다운로드. It’s a type of organelle that regulates the life and death of cells.
In our lab, we’re looking into how mitochondria keep their complex and diverse functions going and what disorders they cause when they don’t 찬송가 파워포인트 다운로드.

Keywords for Research
Control of mitochondrial quality
Diseases and mitochondrial quality control (neurodegenerative diseases, carcinogenesis in the liver, etc.)
Relationship between intracellular iron metabolism and mitochondrial quality control
Mechanisms of intracellular mitochondrial symbiosis and elimination