YU-COE(C) Intracellular Iron Symposium
医学部 飯田キャンパス CBTルーム

Keynote lecture
Shiori Sekine (Aging Inst., Univ 다운로드. of Pittsburgh, USA)
Mitochondrial Import-Coupled Stress Response
~A fine system to signal from mitochondria to the cytosol~

Young scientist talk-1
Isshin Shiiba (Gakushuin Univ., JPN)
The development of organelle contact sites quantification tool and exploration of the new role of ER-mitochondria contact sites

Young scientist talk-2
Hironari Nishizawa (Dpt 잊지도 못하고 다운로드. Biochem., Grad. Sch. of Med., Tohoku Univ., JPN)
Ferroptotic-cell-derived anti-aging signal

Joint symposium for “Cultivating organelle biology from cellular iron dynamics” (with 46th MBSJ online symposium: O-1PS-02)
*online speaker
医学部 飯田キャンパス CBTルーム

Izumi Yanatori (Grad 다운로드. Sch. of Med., Kyoto Univ., JPN)
Newly uncovered regulatory systems of iron metabolism

Hijiri Oshio (Gakushuin Univ., JPN)
Machinery of iron supply to mitochondria via ER-mitochondria contact site

Atsushi Tanaka (Grad 다운로드. Sch. of Med., Yamagata Univ., JPN)
Intracellular iron movement via mitochondrial-derived structures

 *Hayashi Yamamoto (Dept 다운로드. Mol. Oncol., Inst. Adv. Med. Sci., Nippon Med. Sch., JPN)
Ferritin phase separation driven by NCOA4, which facilitates ferritin degradation by macroautophagy and endosomal microautophagy

Takeshi Inagaki (Lab 고 클래식. of Epigenet. & Met, IMCR, Gunma Univ., JPN)
Epigenetic regulation of adipocyte differentiation via iron supply to the nucleus initiated by ferritinophagy

Ayako Fukunaka (IMCR, Univ 검마왕. of Gunma., JPN)
ZIP13-iron axis is a new regulatory mechanism for lipolysis

*Busra Kaya (CBDD, Griffith Univ 다운로드. Drug Discovery, Griffith Univ., AUS)
Designing Tailored Thiosemicarbazones with Bespoke Properties: The Styrene Moiety Imparts Potent Activity, Inhibits Heme Centre Oxidation, and Results in a Novel Stealth Zinc(II) Complex

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